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Active Headsets

Active headsets Inc.

ANR Kits

Range Avionics is the sole authorised Australian distributor of Active Headsets Inc. Active noise reduction kits. ANR kits are available for most civil and military headsets and helmets including: David Clark®, Peltor®, Altronics® and many others.

Base kits can be enhanced with integrated audio, a microphone and power (AMP) cable and an auto-sutoff battery box. All kits are available in both civilian general aviation (high) impedance or military (low) impedance versions. 


Model M-001 is the “standard” module & fits most headsets.

Model MX-001 module for minimal clearance applications (David Clark 13.x headsets).

Model M-002 is designed for the Peltor series 7000 headsets. Silicone gel ear seals are optional.

Model M-003 is designed to install into any military style helmet.

If you have additional questions, or if your headset is not listed below, please call & inquire about your specific model.

What's Included

We supply all installation materials to make self installation easy. All our Headsets Inc. ANR kits come with the following items:

  • ANR modules (2)
  • Crossover cable
  • Aramid speaker covers (2)
  • Standard battery box
  • Power cable
  • Installation material
  • Instructions
  • Optional Items

We always recommend using gel ear seals for best performance with our ANR kits.

  • Standard gel ear seals to suit David Clark and clones (optional)
  • Peltor gel ear seals (optional with Peltor ANR kit)
  • Helmet gel ear seals (optional with Helmet ANR kit)



85 grams or 3 oz. approximately
Net weight increase will be minimal and will depend on the weight of your original speakers

Operating Voltage

Minimum: 7.5 Volt
Maximum: 13 Volts

Battery Life

Over 20.0 hours (typical)

Noise Cancelling Bandwidth

20 Hz – 600 Hz
Top 3dB of attenuation is 200-300Hz


300 ohm (GA/civilian model)
75 Ohm (military model)

Rated Input Power

100 mW nominal
200 mW maximum

Frequency response (audio)

50 Hz ~ 20 KHz

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