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Please use our online form to submit a work request. Once submitted, a copy of the submitted work request information will be emailed to you as confirmation the request is in the system. Unless otherwise arranged, a staff member will then be in touch within 24 hours to coordinate and confirm details.

Work Request Form

Key points to note when completing the form:

  • Please complete the form carefully and provide all the information requested. Mandatory information is marked with a *
  • If you don't have an order number just enter "TBA" in the Order Number field.
  • If the work request is for "Component" maintenance, repair or overhaul, please be sure to select "Component" in the Aircraft/Component field as this will enable additional fields for the component details.
  • Providing specific details about faults and defects helps keep your repair cost down. So provide all relevant information in the "Additional Defect Details" field.
  • Registered users will have online access to forms they submitted for a period of three months after the date of submission.





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